Friday, November 21, 2014

Please Support AMBUCS VT

Hi everyone,
as you know the Vermont Friends of AMBUCS is non-profit organization that donates specially adapted bicycles to children who have disability. Every year with raised funds to buy 25-30 bikes.

We found a new way to help us raise money to buy more bicycles!!!

Do you shop at You can  help us raise funds to buy bikes and it will cost you nothing. 

Choose "National Ambucs" has your charitable organization.

After that every time you want to shop at Amazon, go to "" instead of amazon (same products, same company) and .5% of everything you buy will be donated by Amazon to the VT Friends of AMBUCS. Cool, right!

With the holiday coming, let's see how many bikes we can fundraise for this way. I will keep you updated.

Have a great day!

Marie-Christine Potvin, PhD, OTR
Occupational therapist, ETSD
Research Assistant Professor, CESS
Lecturer, CNHS

AMBUCS Tryke Available

Hi everyone,
we have an AMBUCS Tryke available for a rider. Visit our Facebook page for more details.

Marie-Christine Potvin, PhD, OTR
Occupational therapist, ETSD

Research Assistant Professor, CESS
Lecturer, CNHS

Center on Technology and Disability Website Launched

The Center on Technology and Disability (CTD) recently announced the launch of its new website - CTD is designed to increase the capacity of families and providers to advocate for, acquire, and implement effective assistive and instructional technology practices, devices, and services. It is funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) and administered by FHI 360, American Institutes for Research (AIR), PACER Center, and Adirondack Accessibility.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vermont Center for Independent Living -

Sue Williams Freedom Fund 

What is it? What can it do to help those in need of equipment or modifications done to the home in order to discharge to home?

Click on the link above. This is a wonderful resource!

VOTA on Facebook

This page is alive and well!

Look above, click the link and it will take you there whether or not you are a Facebook user. Take a look at the activity here. Jobs openings are posted here often and we encourage this activity!

Please visit us, and click "like" on the page!!

Joni LaRow, President

2015 Annual Conference

It takes a community of OTs to assemble and successfully execute a professional conference. We are requesting assistance from you in this task for a 2015 conference.

We all have many roles outside of our daily obligations, but if you have time to help in a component of coordinating this event, we are asking if you will consider using it to support VOTA.

We are seeking presenters for workshops. Have you submitted a proposal,for an AOTA conference that you would like to share with us? It's a great opportunity to practice before your peers at the state level! Do you know of a student that has great ideas or is in the process of researching ? This is a wonderful way for us to meet our future colleagues.

If you are a student and want to volunteer your time, this is a great addition to  a newly forming resume.

Please send a message to Joni LaRow at

Thank you for taking the time to consider this.


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